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IMODIUM® Heritage

IMODIUM®: innovating for 40 years!

Developed at Janssen Pharmaceutica and launched in 1973, IMODIUM® has been helping people to deal with diarrhoea and associated symptoms ever since. Every day millions of people around the world turn to IMODIUM® for assistance.

A history of support

IMODIUM® was created by Dr. Janssen and launched in 1973. Dr. Janssen was the man who first came up with the values that IMODIUM® is known to stand for today: he wanted to deliver trustworthy and effective relief to people suffering from diarrhoea and ease the disruption it can cause to people’s lives. And we’ve been doing just that globally for 40 years.


Types of diarrhoea

We have an excellent understanding of how diarrhoea affects people. We know how disruptive diarrhoea can be to your life and our products help reduce this disruption, so you can get on with what you need to do.


How IMODIUM® works

IMODIUM® products work to gently restore your body's natural rhythm.


Where to buy

IMODIUM® is available from supermarkets, pharmacies and online.